The provenance of our products

Portugal is a small country with a wealth of exceptional ingredients. First and foremost is the Atlantic, which hugs its 1,800 km coastline. From these cold waters comes cod, which is so beloved that the Portuguese like to say there is at least one bacalhau recipe for each day of the year. The ocean is also the source of the lobster, sea bass, baby octopus and other seafoods on our menu. For an authentic taste of the Algarve region, at the very south of Portugal, try our fish and shellfish stew, which is slow-cooked to perfection and served in a bivalve-shaped copper cataplana pan.

With fertile river valleys to rugged peaks, the topography and climate of Portugal allow livestock to graze freely on open lands. From the cooler mountainous regions comes lamb raised on wild herbs and grasses. Black pigs feed on fallen acorns in the Alentejo region, giving this exceptional pork a nutty tang. Chef Schlaipfer likes to pair porco preto with chestnuts from the Padrela mountains and the famed sweet potatoes of Aljezur, imparting an additional layer of nuttiness to the dish. The sausages served at Matiz, such as chouriço and alheira, are traditionally made by local artisans. An integral part of almost every dish is flor de sal, extracted from ancient salt mines and flats that dot the countryside and coastline.