Explore Portugal's Wine Culture

The adega at Matiz Lisboa

The world knows and loves port and Vinho Verde, but there are so many other wine varieties from Portugal worth discovering. For this reason, Matiz has carved out an exquisite space at the back of restaurant: to promote the nation’s more unfamiliar vintages, as well as to display the 150-plus labels that our sommelier has curated.

In the adega, or wine cellar, evidence of Portugal’s vibrant viticulture is everywhere. Have a seat at one of the cozy tables and order a Porto Tonic, the local spin on the classic G&T. Indeed, white port is perhaps the country’s best-kept oenophilic secret. Peruse the extensive wine list to also explore a moscatel from Douro or Setúbal, a tinto from vineyards surrounding the capital, or an effervescent espumante from tiny Távora-Varosa. The autonomous regions of Madeira and the Azores also produce excellent reds, whites and fortified wines with grapes grown on volcanic basalt.