Pastry Gift Boxes

Satisfy your sweet tooth
Our pastry shop is open daily from 12:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. Come early for the best selection!
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Portugal has gifted the world pastéis de nata, delectable muffin-size tarts of egg custard in a puff pastry shell. But the country boasts so many more of these time-honored conventual sweets, named for the fact they were originally made in convents and monasteries.

Located between the restaurant and bar of Matiz Lisboa, our pastry showcase is an exploration of these doces conventuais as well as other sweet treats from Portugal and abroad. Choose one (or three!) as part of a decadent breakfast. Late risers, stop by the bar for a late-morning pastry and a hot coffee or tea. In the afternoon, take time out for a satisfying snack break.

Can’t decide on a pastry? Pick one of each! Take home fresh tartlets, cakes and other handcrafted desserts in a beautiful gift box.